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Joining into a Secret Santa thing with my extended group of friends from home this year, I had no idea what to get my friend Rick, whose name I had drawn.  Fortunately, Marcus, knowing how dorky I am with certain things, showed me this wood moose head on a whim one day as he was leaving work.  I decided that it would be the perfect gift, and one that I would have a lot of fun making.

Now, two days before Christmas, it has been laser-cut, assembled, and finished.  I decided to go with masonite, as it was a lot easier to find than finish grade plywood, and will be easier to replicate should I need to make more (or a replacement) in the future.  I’m already thinking of what other woodland creatures I might section and laser cut to mount on a wall…

laser cut moose head

laser cut moose head

(Finished size is aprox. 12.5 inches at antlers widest point.  I take no credit for the design, as I copied it from the website above.  They sell very nicely made large wooden ones.)



  1. You did it by yourself? If yes, you still have the plans?
    Mat, France.

    • I made it myself, but I took the idea and most of the design from here:

      I don’t think I still have the files. You can figure out from the photos how to make one. (Try stretching the images in Photoshop to make the profiles flat, then trace them in Illustrator or AutoCAD)

        • mat
        • Posted August 14, 2010 at 12:51 am
        • Permalink

        Thanks for the quick answer. It was my first idea : make the profiles flat. I’m going to try like you did, I hope the result will be as great as yours! But if by miracle you find the files on an old usb key…remember me lol

  2. (I forgot to say “hello” and “thanks”, I guess it due to emotions lol, sorry)

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