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Hello friends!

Just wanted to shamelessly self promote for a minute and post a link to my brand new etsy shop: shelf help.  I only have a few items for sale at the moment, but I will be adding more as they are developed.  Please share with any friends you think might enjoy them.  Need some extra incentive? Use coupon code lowendblog15 to get a cool 15% off!

Currently for sale: birds!  Laser cut and hand assembled right here in Philly!  Several patterns and colors available.  Take a look and let me know what you think!




Joining into a Secret Santa thing with my extended group of friends from home this year, I had no idea what to get my friend Rick, whose name I had drawn.  Fortunately, Marcus, knowing how dorky I am with certain things, showed me this wood moose head on a whim one day as he was leaving work.  I decided that it would be the perfect gift, and one that I would have a lot of fun making.

Now, two days before Christmas, it has been laser-cut, assembled, and finished.  I decided to go with masonite, as it was a lot easier to find than finish grade plywood, and will be easier to replicate should I need to make more (or a replacement) in the future.  I’m already thinking of what other woodland creatures I might section and laser cut to mount on a wall…

laser cut moose head

laser cut moose head

(Finished size is aprox. 12.5 inches at antlers widest point.  I take no credit for the design, as I copied it from the website above.  They sell very nicely made large wooden ones.)