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This works best with exterior or cut-away views of interiors, not so well for interiors where the camera is fully surrounded.  Makes soft shadows and renders much more quickly than with interior lights.

(Adapted from HOK BIM Solutions )

Make a new sun setting with the time set to 2:30 AM or so.

Set the Exposure Value on the Rendering to somewhere between 2 and 2.5

Render with Exterior: Sun Only and a white background (or sky if you prefer)

Export and Enjoy!


David Fano of sent me this link for his new video demo of Revit 2010’s conceptual massing tools.  Its really exciting to see Revit’s modeling capabilities advance like this.  Go check this video out.


The Revit Clinic has a new video up going over some of the new massing features in Revit Architecture 2010.  Looks like the massing/modeling tools have come quite a long way.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this release!

Also, it looks like my suspicions about the new curtain wall tools are holding up.

Check out the video here:

Revit Architecture 2010 Massing Environment videonon-rect-panel1push_pull_profiles1

Does anybody have any good starting points to begin learning about programming Revit API stuff?  I have no previous programming experience, but I figure I can’t be the first architect to learn this stuff from scratch.  I’ve started watching Jeremy Tammik’s video “Introduction to Revit Programming” several times, but I get lost pretty early on.  I think it might be for people that are already a little familiar with programming in other venues, but not for brand-new beginners.  I’ve already downloaded the MS Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition and installed the and C# versions, but since I have no background in programming, I really don’t know where to begin.

Any suggestions from the community?  I’ve thought about going out and buying something like “ for Dummies” or something like that, but I’d like to see if there is a better way to start that is targeted more towards architects.

As a side note, a friend at work recently installed Grasshopper for his personal copy of Rhino.  It seems like a pretty sweet set up and the parametrics look a lot more robust than Revit’s.  I’m going to have to learn those some day…

Revit Architecture 2010 box

Revit Architecture 2010 box

I’ve been seeing a number of new blog / news posts about the new Revit 2010 suite.  (Autodesk Press Release here)  Not a whole lot of information available at the moment, but that’s not too surprising considering its still over two months till release.  Still, a few new things to mull over.  Read More »